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Hear what Maria Stavrakis from Made You Look Visual Communications has to say about the work that Ann has done with her and her business.


Over the last two years, Ann has been a great business and personal asset to my business: LJL Plumbing P/L.


Ann backs broad strategic thinking with essential solid book keeping skills, freeing me to concentrate on moving forward with the expansion of my business.


Ann brings a vibrant and enthusiasm to work that will inspire anyone. 


Personally I have enjoyed the opportunity to brainstorm and confidently build on my ideas with her. Sometimes that is all you need as a business owner, an intelligent person to reflect and bounce with. I highly recommend her as an “entrepreuenuer whisperer “a bookkeeper and mentor. 

Danny Pitman 

Director, LJL Plumbing

Confor Finance Partners provides a customised set of products in wealth development and wealth protection. We pride ourselves on our depth of experience and ability to delivery optimal strategies to each and every client.


To achieve this we need our staff to be fully engaged in the process and have streamline systems. Ann participates with Condor Finance Partners primarily as a mentor. She supports the two Directors to be proactive in their vision for the business. She has provided thoughtful workshops involving all our staff and regularly offers support, mentoring and training to all staff.


Ann has transformed our accounting system so our reports are accurate and timely and easily managed in house.


Ann creates a sense of accountability to our vision – she whispers, we roar!

Rodney A Brown

Principal Condor Finance Partner

Ann came along at just the right time to sort out my business. With her assistance I developed my own path to create a business entity that not only succeeds professionally, but feels true and honest to me. 


She listens without judgment, does not try to impose any structured ‘path’, and allows the whole process to flow. Ann was able to give me much food for thought throughout, and able to ask the hard questions – again, without judgment. Ann is such a friendly, fun person to talk to as well, so the whole coaching process was really enjoyable. 


We also covered many of the basics of running a good business (the basics that so often get left by the wayside!): establishing achievable business targets, minimum charge rates, better processes, setting aside money for tax and savings, and some of the best Apps for business. She was also able to recommend a number of great suppliers to help me out. 


Ann is not only a fantastic business coach, but uses her considerable counselling skills to listen and respond thoughtfully to what I want to personally achieve.


I’m now so much happier with my business structure, in that it now sustains me both professionally and personally. I’ll continue to check in with Ann as my business progresses – you should too!

Rebecca Stewart