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Xceeding Minds workshops

Our group workshops are designed exclusively for entrepreneurs to achieve outstanding results. Facilitated by Director Ann Watson and Principal Consultant of Xceed International Ian Murray, this series of workshops and monthly activities helps you develop dynamic business plans, create an empowering team around you and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.  >> Xceeding Minds online


Life coaching with b There

Whether you are seeking guidance on a decision point, or looking for your ‘next stage’, b There Mindset Coaching helps you achieve personal clarity and build resilience. Targeted, one-to-one sessions and programs help you improve communications skills, develop resilience, and create sustainable and long-term strategies to move forward. >> b There Mindset Coaching online


Ongoing business mentoring

The Entrepreneur Whisperer is an ongoing mentoring service for the duration of your years in business. Many of our clients check in regularly with the Entrepreneur Whisperer to chart the progress of their business, or just to workshop an idea. Contact us here to inquire about our regular mentoring sessions.


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