The Entrepreneur

Whisperer takes you

to higher levels of

personal endeavour

Business coaching for leaders


Sometime it's hard to know where your business ends and your life begins. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the multiple demands and responsibilities of small business is always a balancing act.


Our process

One of the first questions we ask is: “are you in the right business?” In uncovering your skills and talents we can develop a plan for our sessions, as well as the right systems and business structure you need. Our thought-provoking sessions include:


  • Managing your workload and organising your week
  • Developing action plans for specific tasks
  • Systematising your systems
  • Building your business plan
  • Finding the best staff for your business
  • Develop clarity and focus on the essentials
  • Identify the skills and talents you bring to your business
  • Measure your outcomes both in business and personal satisfaction
  • Further optimise your business


Your core style and strengths

We also focus on your unique leadership and management style so you can find out how to be your best self in your business. We strengthen your key relationships (both staff and your ideal clients), and help you develop targeted strategies and the resilience to cope with the lows – as well as the highs.


Training and other services

The Entrepreneur Whisperer will come to your place of business to train your staff in the essential areas of leadership, administrative skills, and accounting. We will also assist you and your staff in the recruitment process, and facilitate in-house workshops.


Outcomes of the Entrepreneur Whisperer

Your reduced stress and improved bottom line results in a workplace where people thrive. You can develop the breathing space and clarity to think about what's really important in your business to help you:


Commit to your business future. 

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