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Your normal might be someone else’s extraordinary.

There is only one measuring stick in your life – that is You!  As an instrument, your personal measuring stick will adapt, it will learn and add experience to its resources. It is an extraordinary instrument and it usually comes with bonus features but no instructions!


There are four main areas of filters on your measuring stick:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Outcomes
  • Abstract thought


Each of us has a natural priority of filters that we use to sort the information we are inundated with every day.  This builds our understanding of life.


What if you are great at seeing things as ‘processes’? You will use this as a first preference to take up any experience. When you come to share that with others you will automatically describe the experience as a ‘process’. 


There was an accountant I worked with that I always had to demonstrate my workings and how I had come to that conclusion.  His way of working was a logically step by step process.  He trusted me but needed to feel secure that the process was correct. This made him an excellent accountant. My role in this relationship was to communicate his logic to other staff.   


So you can already guess my first preference is tuning into people and very closely followed by “what else” (abstract thinking). These are great skills for a Coach.  I find that I never tire of this – it is my natural normal self.   What surprises me is that other people think it is extraordinary.


What makes you extraordinary?  What about your natural way of thinking and understanding gives you an advantage?  A clue to finding this is to notice where your first area of attention dwells, how things make sense to you.  As a coach I have a program that provides this information.


Never disrespect your natural gifts otherwise you will never be happy because you will not have meet your best self!