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Which generation has natural radar for BS?

I really appreciate working with Gen Y, because they have natural radar for BS.


Recently I complimented a young business woman on how well she had done in her business.  Her eyes rolled and she thanked me in a very passive manner, but then I actually cited factual information and her gains over the time she had been in business.  She turned her attention to what I had to say and we had a very simulating conversation.


Working with Gen Y has reminded me to be more straight forward in my opinions.   I get feedback that suggests they will listen and understand my point of view, not always agree but will give acknowledgement to the context and will both comply and contribute.


Baby Boomers and Gen X readily give their point of view, the word ‘should’ gets very over used, and then they get surprised when Gen Y have the courage to offer their point of view back.  This behoves all generations to listen more and not take things personally.


Possibly they do have a sense of entitlement – which preceding generations have given them.  A very successful young financial planning entrepreneur I know rather delights that some Gen Y are reluctant to get into action, as it leaves more opportunity for him!


Gen Y employees are far more likely to change their career more readily than previous generations. They will in time acquire a diverse range of skills.  It may well emerge that when Gen Y are in leadership roles they will create a whole new set of unexplored opportunities in business.  But like all preceding generations they bring a freshness now that stirs us out of complacency.  They are doing their job of being young and vibrant.


Gen Y is very tech-savvy but I sometimes wonder if still a significant portion of their experience is voyeuristic. They present as very mature on many ways, so when life’s script does not play out the way they want it to, there could be a discordant reaction. They may be extra sensitive or even a little desensitised so take a step back and investigate a little further before letting your opinion launch. 


Recently I have been listening to Brene Brown about vulnerability the insidiousness of shame in our culture.   While we all want to belong we have to make sure our own BS factor is low and we are genuine to ourselves.  


Working with Gen Y has made me think about how genuine I play the game – are you prepared to be challenged by this up and coming new era?


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