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Do entrepreneurs do housekeeping?

You are an entrepreneur. So your life is about ideas, achieving and multitasking: Unique!  Better! More! Higher! Higher! Higher!


But I wonder who is doing the daily maintenance of the business, the recurring chores.


You do not hear much about the dynamic of housekeeping the business – it is just assumed someone fits it in. Most small businesses do not have the luxury of an Administration Manager. A great business can have its momentum stopped in its tracks because basic business housekeeping was not attended to.


Entrepreneurs are naturally attracted to other entrepreneurs; they tend to move away from the methodical personality.


This is where a counter-intuitive move is required. 


To get the freedom you want you need to employ your complimentary personality, or the person that does the chores you are not so good at!


Some of those chores might be: keeping the client list current; making sure the jobs is completed properly and the client is happy; ensuring the filing is done and catalogued for easy access; doing the back-up without fail; paying the bills on time; checking the insurances; filling in the numerous forms; arranging the contractors; dealing with telcos; making sure HR compliances are up to date and fully compliant.


So how do you get a great housekeeper on your team (who you do not want to scream at)?


Working with entrepreneurs I have found they are likely to get the big picture clear in their head and put it directly into action – this is your highest and best purpose in the business.  


So when delegating you need to be clear about what the business needs and make sure any change in direction is for the business – not your personal quirk. 

  • Be consistent with your big picture.
  • List the jobs that have to be done.
  • Express thanks for work done well or even for just the part done well. 
  • Offer genuine respect for the person (they do not have to your friend but you cannot get respect unless you give it).


Remember the housekeeper personality needs the entrepreneur to create the purpose.


How will you get the housekeeper into your business and want to stay?